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The Fundamental Interconnectedness of all things

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As a Holistic Private Detective I provide a service that is unique in this world. I believe in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. I do not concern myself with such petty details as fingerprints, footprints, forensics, or fashionably bloody gloves. The solution to every problem is detectable in the pattern and web of the whole. The connections between causes and effects are often much more subtle and complex than we can easily understand when distracted by the details of the physical world. Take the butterfly effect for an example. A rather simplistic but functional illustration of what is only the tip of the iceberg over the greater web of reality, where the warp and the woof are so elegantly interwoven that the breaking of a single thread may effectively distort the weave in a far corner.

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((I do not own Dirk Gently, and I play him with all respect to the great, late, Douglas Adams. This journal is for roleplay purposes only, and all icons with an actual picture of Dirk are fanart of my own creation. Any similarities to person real or imagined is entirely Douglas Adams' fault.

Caveat: I'm not a quantum physicist. I'm a currently unemployed twenty-something with a math disability and I never even took physics. I'm winging it here, really. I understand a lot of the concepts and I wish they'd let me take physics, because I'm actually pretty good at higher maths, but what I'm basically saying here is that I'm no genuis and I have to play him with a second browser window open to Wikipedia. Go easy on me guys.))

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